You Should Not Get What You Deserve!

You Should Not Get What You Deserve!

You know that you got exactly what you suppose to have in your life. The result you are having right now is the result of who you are and what actions you have taken.

Unfortunately the most actions we take are subconscious, maybe we are not making the sales calls that we suppose to do, or not talking to that beautiful woman or man we see, or maybe our mind makes up all these excuses about why we shouldn’t or why other people are like this and that.

That is just ways that our subconscious are tricking us not to take the actions that we need to become the person, and the identity we need to become to get the result we really want.

So how to we get over that? The first step is awareness and find put where we stop ourselves, do we procrastinate just before we are suppose to do the sales called, or do you make up excuses right before you should go to the gym? We need to get awareness where we stop ourselves, that is the first step.

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