Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

If we don’t have the energy or feel uninsipred or tired, we should NOT beat ourselves up, stop trying to force it! Maybe you’re natural energy is made for something totally different.

Maybe your read somewhere that you should wake up at 5 a clock, the five a clock club, then you’re more productive. And you have a real hard time waking up this early but forcingĀ it and you actually getting less done. Stop forcing it and stop beating yourself up! Maybe you’re a night person! We are all different so it’s about findin our own way of natural energy levels during the day.

But don’t lie to yourself! So if you feel tired maybe it’s you’re energy level that is low, take a break, work later at night, or when the time is best for you, but don’t lie to yourself telling that oh, I thing I should not go to the gym now because its not the right time or i’m tired, no no, be honost to yourself, is this really an energy thing or is it just excuses and procrastination?

You need to find the right habit and force it, but don’t force the wrong habits and beat yourself up!

So try these three steeps, 1. identify your day, find where your energy levels are the best and when you are most productive for example. 2. Don’t lie, be honest, is this really the case or do you make up excuses or procrastinate? Your good habits need to be in place (later podcast). 3. Try it out, is the new schedule working for you? Is this the natural way for you? Evaluate and change until you find your way!