The Power of Knowing Your Numbers!

The Power of Knowing Your Numbers!

I hear so many times when I meet people in my business, well, Facebook Ads doesn’t work or selling though webinar doesn’t work, or my launch funnel didn’t work.

I might be so, but, a more appropriate question ta ask is, where didn’t it work? Because there are so many different communication points with your clients thought a launch of any kind.

The only reason to be able to know that is if you know your numbers. What I mean with that is that you need to know your numbers throughout your communication with your client. For example if you running Facebook Ads to a Webinar sales funnel. Well how many came to the site? How many registered for your webinar? How many showed up? How many saw the offer in the webinar? When did the most people leave the webinar?

If you know your numbers throughout your funnel, then you will be able to take the appropriate action, send followup, create a new ad, update your landing page content, record the webinar again. You need to be able to tweak it until its working, and you need to know your numbers to be able to do that. And there are a lot of ways to set it up to get these numbers thought the interaction, so don’t be lazy and skip this step, this is probably one of the most important step of all when you communicate with your clients, to know all the numbers!

So do you know your numbers in your customer interactions?