Perfection Is A Lie! Go for Excellence!

Perfection Is A Lie! Go for Excellence!

Hi Jonas K here! Do you know that perfection is a lie! Yes, because there is no such thing as perfection, there can always be improvements and also thing changes, so in fact, perfection is a low standard!

I have to confess that I’m falling into this trap all the time, for example when I shoot videos, the light could be better, the audio is a bit noisy… and I don’t release it! I also hear a lot from my customers, well the website should be perfect, the photos is not really good, or the copy could be better… Perfection is the worst excuse of all to release our product or services! Because there is no such thing as perfection!

So instead go for excellence! Excellence is in your control, you know when something is excellent, yes maybe it has some flaws or something missing but right now it’s excellent! So launch it!

I believe we all get into this trap of perfection from time to time, not only in business but also ourselves, we maybe think we need to learn more, or be better and wait until we are perfect for the right partner or whatever. But what we really are doing is that we make up an excuse, it’s our ego who want us to stay the same, and we play small. So instead of trying to achieve perfection, which doesn’t exist, go for excellence!

And there are three steps you can evaluate yourself with,

  1. Catch yourself when you get into the trap of making up excuses for perfection and realize it
  2. Be true to yourself is this really necessary to launch my product, do my customers really care? Or do my partner, friends or date really care? Let go and be our there, stop playing small, we all have our flaws and we need to embrace our true self and be vulnerable!
  3. ¬†What will happen if I don’t release the product now? What will happen if I don’t take the action now?

Maybe some of you have heard about Eben Pagan who says that, get to version 3 as soon as possible! Yes we need to launch our product, or even ourselves, and learn in the process, and it’s not until version 3 we have an excellent product that is fitted for the market.

So go for excellence instead of perfection!

Until next time! Play full out! Be bold! And share your gifts with the world!

/Jonas K