Why You Need To Change Your Identity To Succeed!

Why You Need To Change Your Identity To Succeed!

Have you ever been to a seminar and when you get back home, your all pumped up to change things, but people around you just looks weird at you, who is this? Come down! Or maybe your boss goes to a “leadership” training and when he comes back hes all nice and positive, you wonder, what trick is this? And after just a few weeks you’re back to normal.

The reason why this happens is because we identify ourself with the people around us, our identity is actually build from the closes people you have had in your life growing up.

So how can we change this? Well we need to change our identity, who we are, and its not just about doing positivt thought, we really need to change our self, deep. You probably have heard about mind, body, soul, or thinking, doing, being. We need to be aligned in all these areas to change and create a new identity from inside instead of from the outside.

As long you’re nog congruent with your mind, body, and soul, or you can call it thinking, doing and being, you will not change. In short we need to own ourself in a new identity to make the change, not just think about it or take some small action, we need to own it in all areas so it becomes our new identity.

So think about how has your identity been formed? By who? In another video I will talk about more how we can do the actual change!