Why You Need To Become Somebody Else To Progress!

Why You Need To Become Somebody Else To Progress!

There is a reason why you have the results you have in your life right now! And the reason is that the person or identity you are right now, have generated the result that you currently have.

So if you want to change something like, getting more money, improve your health, meet the love of your life, or whatever it is, you have to become another person and change your identity.

The identity that you have right now is “programmed” to have your current results, so if you for example earn $100K and want to earn $10M, you can not be the same person, because you are not set up to be able to earn $10M.

So the first step is not to just to find out out the habit and actions you are taking and trying to change them, but instead you should change your mindset and your identity, then your new actions and habits will follow, and finally generate the new result that you want.

One way of starting do identify the person you need to become is to find a role model who have the result that you want and align your energy to what the are projecting in their identity. Because they already have their identity “programmed” for the outcome that you want.

So think about who you know that have your result, and adapt the changes you need to do into your new identity.