About Me

About me

I believe in the everyone has so much potential and become who we where meant to be. Being open to our circumstances and listen to our inner voice and guidance we get from everything around us and the life we are living.


But we should never play small. Don’t settle for less than we have potential to become. Unfortunately so many people trying so hard to fit in, living someones else’s life and shrinking instead of living at their full potential and following their dreams.


I was born in Thailand and adopted as a child to Sweden. As a child I didn’t know anything else, but growing up I “got to know” that I was different, looked different, and then also started to feel different. Trying so hard to fit in and always trying to be good in everything I did. But one day I realized, after leaving the office at my high paid job, driving around in my expensive car, upset at small things around me.


Is this the life I was meant to live? Am I living my full potential, am I living my dream? Is this what I really are meant to be and do? Well, the questions were obvious. And everything around me had trying to tell me that I’m at the wrong path.


Stop living someone else’s life! Stop trying so hard to fit in and just to liked, when you were born to stand out! We all have so much potential and don’t shrink yourself and waste your time doing what you’re not meant to do!


Share your gifts to the world! Be out there! Create! Give! Love! Live your passions and your dreams!



If you want to do something, just do it! Don’t shrink yourself and make your decisions from what other people should think of you or that you don’t know how to or don’t have enough experience or other excuses. Our excuses are lies we tell ourselves to not change and become what we are supposed to become.


There is a reason why you sometimes feel like doing something, why something is happening to us, listen to your inner voice and how your life is speaking to you.


I love to create, teach and help others to grow. I can sit ours and ours working on some details in a film or a website or in a programming problem. I love to create, see how things evolve, express myself in all from film and photography, to websites and software programs. It might sounds weird, but when I’m creating I get lost in time, there is no time, I’m totally focused and caught up in things. Although don’t get caught up in the wrong things and hide yourself for the world and never publish or release something so others can enjoy your creations and get inspired and grow.


We all have gifts that are meant to be shared with the world, we all have a purpose and possibility to help others by express ourselves, our creations and our life energy. We should really live what we are meant for and by doing so we also inspire and help others, sometimes we have to take the first step and don’t wait for things to happen, we create it!


Live life at a high frequency, we are the same energy and by giving and sharing we boost the energy of all life, don’t try to hide and be small. But don’t go the other way either to be too cocky just to boost your ego. Be cocky for what you love, for what you share and for what you can give and for what you create!