#13: How To Start An Amazing Day!

#13: How To Start An Amazing Day!

Happy new year everybody! I hope you had a great new year and is as eager as I to get started in 2016!

In this Podcast I will talk about how to start an amazing day! Well it all comes down to what you focus on! So make sure you are focusing in what is important to you! If we start our day checking e-mails or Facebooking or texting, we easily end up on other peoples agenda, and instead of making the day ours, we give it away to other peoples needs and wants.

So try this out, start your day by doing something that sets your focus on your life and what you want to achieve or do. You could start off by reading your goals or vision, or maybe meditating or something similar, I start my day with my daily magic, which I learned from Tony Robbins, which focus on what most important to me in life. Then instead of directly getting into other peoples agenda, we get clarity and set ourselves up to work on our own terms.

The second thing is to do something for your body, it could be doing some yoga moves, or maybe stretching and start your day by eating something good and healthy. This will set up our energy for the day, yes, we all need energy to being able to go though our day and getting the right nutritions and “warm” up our body is the key. It actually shows that when you start your day with a healthy meal, its also much easier to continue the day eating well for the rest of the day as well.

And lastly, take action that is on your agenda. Start off by doing something that moves you towards your goals, it could be one hour or several hours, but do something that benefits your overall vision and goals, before you dive into all other peoples demands!